Welcome to LDI

LDI is made up of a core team of creative minds with flair, tech geeks, marketing savvy professionals and keen analytic minds. We work together and we work individually. Over the years we have cherry picked individuals who could be mavericks but who are talented. This is the secret sauce of our success in delivering outstandingly unique services across the spectrum in a cohesive, coherent way.

Today, LDI is a full service digital advertising and marketing company in India. We have segments comprised of web design & development, web hosting & email, logo & graphics design, digital marketing and app development and these segments make up the unified whole that is our service portfolio. We give clients precisely what they need after a careful analysis of their desired outcomes whether it is in one segment or across the spectrum.

Our way of working is rather informal. We talk, we listen, we understand and then recommend. We then take it to the next level and subsequently progress towards culmination of all these discussions into a cogent strategy followed by implementation, keeping our clients informed at ll times. Our clients love to be part of the action. There is much more success we achieve through close involvement. It has made us what we are and that is how we shall keep it.